Expand your digital marketing team with top talent

If the marketing business is thriving, at one point you will have to set aside some time to first and foremost assess whether your team needs backup. Some things to consider are whether the budget can sustain more people, as well as for how long your current team can continue handling the workload without additional help.

Regarding the second one, keep in mind that creativity is the key to digital marketing and that burned out people don’t make for particularly successful or motivated employees. If you conclude that you do need new people, the next step is to be clear on the positions that need to be filled in and make the list of requirements for those positions. If you are struggling with the organization of the recruitment process when you are about to find help to run your Shopify business smoothly, here are a few pieces of advice about what to consider while planning an addition to your team of top professionals.

Entry-level positions

If you think that top talent lies only within a pool of experts, you are sorely mistaken. Yes, hiring an experienced employee usually means that little or no training is necessary for them to be ready to start working. However, that also means that you could be missing out on a lot of inexperienced but talented individuals.

Having in mind that digital marketing is still a young area of business, there isn’t a lot of experienced professionals out there. But there are plenty of people who are willing to give it a go and who might excel at marketing if given the opportunity. So, when compiling a list of requirements for an entry-level position, be realistic and don’t have additional demands so that you can give a chance to enthusiastic beginners. As being in the beginning with your Shopify business – but still, in the need of help – it’s also a better idea to look for a creative but beginner teammate.

Employees’ expectations

When thinking about expanding your team, it’s not enough just to think about your business’ needs. Times change, and in order to keep up with them and to keep good employees, it is vital you think about what your employees’ wish is and whether you can incorporate that into their working conditions.

Nowadays, many people value flexible hours and remote work because it allows them to be more organized, finish their work on time and even better than expected. For the employer, this means you cut costs on your electricity bills and on moving to a larger office space. You can still have that remote team meet on a bi-weekly basis in a rented coworking space, like this one from the Executive Centre, so they can exchange ideas and strengthen team bonds. People enjoy these kinds of spaces because the working atmosphere is not too strict, but instead inspires creativity.

Use social media

If you’re looking to expand your digital marketing team, social media can be a great platform for finding top talent. With the rise of LinkedIn, the recruitment process has moved to social networks, but it doesn’t stop there. Many recruiters have turned to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat to promote their job ads and find potential talent.

For example, Snapchat was a great tool for finding a perfect candidate for the social media team in the world of Shopify too. In 2016, they used Snapchat campaign to find potential talent. Interested candidates were requested to post a Snapchat story along with their job application. Not only did this made the recruitment process more fun and engaging, but it was also a great way to assess practical skills that potential social media managers need to possess.


Imagine the following situation: the candidate impressed you with the skill set and personality but unfortunately, they are not suitable for the currently open position. Instead of parting ways, welcome that person aboard since those skills can give you a fresh perspective on your marketing team’s operations and improve your overall success rate.

Although it sounds like a risk, you can also add the segment that person is experienced in but your digital marketing department is not. For example, you are successful in collaborating with small businesses, while that candidate has some interesting ideas for B2B clients, so why not give it a shot? If it succeeds, you will have expanded your operations, and if not, well, you will learn what could be improved the next time.


If the recruitment process is taking too much time away from your daily tasks, you might need to think about finding somebody else to take over. If one of your colleagues from a different department has experience with interviewing candidates, inform them thoroughly about the work and the requirements of the marketing team. This could be the perfect solution since that person already knows the company’s values.

However, if you don’t have such a person in your company, you might consider hiring a professional recruiter. Once you fill them in on all the necessary details, this person will be equipped to narrow down the choice or to choose the right person. Of course, you should have a say in the final choice, but sometimes an unbiased approach is the best option.

Finding talented professionals can be quite a challenge since they are often already employed somewhere else. So, sometimes you need to search in other places and take a risk with less experienced candidates in order to find that potential talent which you can then shape to your needs. This strategy is not so strange if you take into consideration the fact that digital marketing is still in its early years.

Also, following your gut feeling and hiring a person who has a different skill set from the one written in the ad can turn out to be quite beneficial for the team’s productivity. However, most times, the most essential part of the selection process is to remain objective and this is where recruitment agencies come into the picture.

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