10 effective strategies to improve customer loyalty

Everyone can turn a good idea into a successful business, but the real magic is to keep the company profitable in a long-term perspective.

This is not possible if you don’t nurture quality relationships with your clients and build customer loyalty. It’s a crucial business principle because it guarantees stability and higher revenue. Let’s see what official reports say about this concept:

  • Acquiring new customers is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining old ones.
  • Repeat buyers are buying nearly 30% more items per order than first-time shoppers.
  • More than a third of consumers switch brands because they are dissatisfied with the service at the old company.
  • 80% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience.

After everything we’ve said in the introduction, the only thing left is to move on to the next chapter. Keep reading to learn 10 effective strategies to improve customer loyalty.

1. Set Expectations Clearly and Early

No matter what you sell or offer, you have to be perfectly clear about it and set expectations early enough. The worst thing that can happen is to overpromise but fail to deliver – it’s a surefire way to betray customers’ trust and lose them forever. Therefore, you must be honest and tell people what to expect before purchasing in order to avoid possible misunderstandings and complaints.

2. Build an Outstanding Customer Service

There is no better way to improve customer loyalty than to build amazing customer service. First of all, your agents have to be polite and skilled enough to answer all inquiries in a timely manner. The best option is probably to hire an agency like Resumes Planet to help you find top-level customer service reps. Secondly, you need to create an omnichannel support system, allowing users to reach you via email, phone, live chat, and social media.

3. Keep Improving Your Offer

If you already have a multichannel communication strategy, you might as well use it to improve your offer. How come? Well, all it takes is to listen to what your followers are saying and implement at least some of their suggestions. Customers write all sorts of recommendations in emails, social messages, and comments, so make sure to identify the most valuable feedback and act according to their inputs.

4. Build a Community

With all those communication channels at your disposal, the only thing left for you is to engage and build a community of loyal followers. You need to be available around the clock, posting interesting content, asking questions, inviting users to give you feedback, and encouraging them to ask you questions. Writing services can help you learn how to use the same tone and style of writing to sound like a human instead of a sterile corporation.

5. Embrace Responsibility

Speaking of community building, you need to be ready to admit you are wrong and apologize when customers complain rightfully. Everybody makes mistakes, so you don’t have to turn your head and pretend the problem is not there. Instead, you need to embrace responsibility and prove that your company is willing to acknowledge mistakes.

6. Present Case Studies

Another way to convince clients to trust you is to show them case studies with successful projects. The purpose of this tactic is to reveal how your products or services helped other clients to solve practical issues. At the same time, it’s a perfect opportunity to present satisfied customers who are ready to praise the brand publicly. In such circumstances, case studies also serve you as valuable social proofs.

7. Organize Loyalty Programs

If your goal is to improve loyalty of your customers, why don’t you launch a loyalty program? It’s a well-known retention technique that comes in the form of discounts, one-time deals, promo packages, or giveaways. assignmentmasters, a service specialized in content writing, frequently organizes loyalty programs because they make participants feel appreciated and special. After all, everybody loves to receive an exclusive offer that makes him/her more important than regular customers.

8. Surprise Customers

If you keep the promises and deliver exactly what you are supposed to, rest assured your customers will be satisfied. But if you take a step forward and surprise customers with an occasional gift, they will be thrilled. People love surprises, particularly if they come in the form of free samples or giveaways. It’s a simple trick that doesn’t cost you a lot, but has the power to skyrocket customer loyalty.

9. Go Beyond Selling

Running a business, the ultimate goal is to earn enough revenue. However, there are times when you need to give some to get some. This rule is very important for local business owners who constantly meet the same consumers. In such circumstances, it would be clever to go beyond selling and contribute to the community. Some ideas include organizing annual customer appreciation events or supporting local charities, but it all depends on your creativity and inspiration.

10. Keep the Records of Communication

The last tip on our list is to keep the records of communication with your clients. It’s a safety measure because you might need proof when arguing with angry customers. This is the worst-case scenario, but you have to be cautious.


Launching a profitable business is a difficult task, but keeping it productive long-term is even more challenging. The biggest issue is how to make your customer happy and strengthen your relationship with the existing buyers.

We showed you 10 effective strategies to improve customer loyalty and boost consumer retention. These tips can vary based on the nature and peculiarities of your organization, but they should make a good start for your customer loyalty strategy!

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