5 quick tips to have a high-end Shopify store

Are you just about to kickstart your e-commerce business? Or have you been an entrepreneur for a long time? It doesn’t matter, it’s always good to get inspiration for further work your online Shopify store.

You are not alone to have troubles with managing your Shopify store. As this e-commerce platform is one of the most user-friendly systems, it becomes easy to understand after you get a little help. In one of our previous articles, we shared how to start a drop shipping business with your shop. Also, we created one where you can read how much effort you need to manag your business from the beginning.

Below, we are writing about 5 quick and practical e-commerce tips for new online Shopify stores. We believe that all elements mentioned below are the most essential factors when someone is about to open an e-shop.

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Having a top-notch online store is every e-commerce merchants’ dream. Why would you stay with the old-fashioned, money- and time-consuming methods instead of doing the best a retailer can?

The solutions that we offer are based on our own and on our users’ experience. This guide gives you ideas about how you can save effort and money for yourself when working on your store. Start flourishing, do your best now!

Here are our top 5 online store hacks:

1. Find a niche or a winning product.

If you don’t want to be just a drop in the ocean when selling products online, there are factors you need to consider. It’s without doubt that the most important thing is to have good products in your store. What does a good product mean? We can talk about a niche or a winning product. If you want to know what these two expressions are, check our other article and learn more. The other point is to sell items from a real supplier, not from marketplaces so that you can provide unique and quality goods to your customers.

2. Open a Shopify store.

Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, and this is an all-in-one system for those who want to run a store successfully. There are more than 600,000 businesses powered by Shopify at this moment. There are many reasons why people should consider registering there. These are, for example, that it is user-friendly, easy to use compared to others, there are a lot of useful applications, it has a secure and speedy service. Also, there are many ways to customize your Shopify store, and the pricing is favorable.

3. Cooperate with the best, local supplier.

Cooperating with a real supplier whose warehouse location is close to your place or is the same as yours, is key. We do not recommend to get products from marketplaces into your Shopify store. It’s better to choose an individual company that provides their products’ data in a file. The benefits of this are, for instance, that the shipping time is shorter, the communication is not problematic, and it’s possible for you to meet them. Moreover, these suppliers have products with better quality than resellers from marketplaces like AliExpress. You can feel safe as well, as the shipping cost is lower, and you can have a more varied stock.

4. Use the Syncee application for managing products.

Syncee is a product managing Shopify application. It imports products and updates them for online stores. It’s recommended to use so that you can avoid the money- and time-consuming process of manual management. You don’t have to hire more people to handle your virtual stock, and the information can always be up-to-date in your shop. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend long hours checking what’s new in the supplier’s data file compared to the product info in your store. The application does everything automatically, and you can also schedule the running of your tasks besides many other advantageous features that the service offers.

5. Have a fluent marketing strategy.

If you want to perform better, you ought to have a marketing strategy that helps you to gain more by leading more potential customers to your online store. There are many online methods you can use. Think about the Google Ads service or the promotional opportunities on social media like the features of Facebook or Instagram. However, make sure that you provide quality content, do not burn money. If you need, ask for help from an expert.

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