7 tips for hiring the right Shopify designer

Now that you’ve set up an online store, it’s time to tap into your e-commerce operations. Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, is the all-in-one solution due to its convenience and ease of use.

After deciding on Shopify—that is the third biggest e-commerce platform according to a research in 2016—, the next step is outsourcing an expert designer to professionalize the look of your business. Shopify offers dozens of themes including multiple style variations for further customization. If you think you would become overwhelmed with the details, there is the option of vetting a freelancer who specializes in Shopify design.

Continue reading 7 tips for finding a freelancer to set up the perfect design for your online business.


1. Outline exactly what you want to be completed

Before outsourcing a Shopify designer, it’s important to make a comprehensive to-do list. After all, a key component to the growth of your online business is implementing a well thought-out plan.

What kind of experience are you hoping to create for the customer? Or what are the competitors doing? Also what kind of features do you want in your store? How do you want your products displayed? These are some of the questions that will help specify your needs.

Making a list of exactly what you want from a Shopify designer is a wise business decision. In doing so, your vision and goals are clearly defined. As well, this process will help with vetting for the perfect freelancer.

2. Define the perfect Shopify designer for you

Once you’ve created the list of tasks, you can narrow down and specify the needs of your company. In order to reach a professional and up-to-date design, it takes time, effort and expertise. By creating a professional brand and look, your customers stay satisfied and keep coming back for more.

While vetting for a freelancer, it’s important to communicate not only your business goals but also the overall ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ of your brand. This way, you’ll know if the virtual assistant can effectively produce the perfect design elements for your website.

3. Find, and interview using freelancer-related sites

Feeling ready to embrace the untapped power of Shopify design?

Finding the perfect Shopify designer is a breeze when using professional marketplaces, like FreeeUp. It gives you the opportunity to find freelancers, spend time on new projects and optimize your earnings.

With freelance Shopify designers at your fingertips, outsourcing to help boost the professional look of your online business makes a lot of sense.

When using, for example, FreeeUp, your contract will protect both parties and you get experienced advice in key areas. Your time is valuable, and when you free up your days to re-focus on the mission of your business, the sky’s the limit.



4. Hire the best fit and onboard with clear expectations

If you’ve spent countless hours (or possibly weeks) researching everything from e-commerce operations to Shopify design, it is time to outsource. Freelancers are highly skilled in their specific niches, and by outsourcing freelancers, your business (and your knowledge) will inevitably increase.

Your time and energy are valuable. When you’re stretched too thin or feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks of the company, hiring a freelancer is a no-brainer.

Being clear about your expectations and the goals of your business creates a professional workplace atmosphere. Finding a freelancer to meet your needs and can professionalize your online business is a wise business decision.

5. Set up strong communication for management

Once you’ve found the perfect freelancer, it is important to continue communicating on a regular basis.

Nowadays, company culture is not limited by workspaces. When collaborating with freelancers, it is easy to maintain a close-knit work environment with instant messaging, regular check-ins via email and Skype video, and overall transparent communication.

It is key to send daily emails to a virtual assistant. That way, you are both on the same page and collaborating about the goals of the business. As the manager and CEO of your business, you are clearly defining your expectations and intentions for the company.

6. Get estimates and deadlines

Once you’ve vetted the perfect freelancer, discussed the company’s goals and clearly defined your expectations, it’s time to talk estimates and deadlines.

In keeping with clear and transparent communication, it is important to get estimates for fees and the number of hours spent on any given task. That way, both parties are clear on time frames and costs when it comes to your Shopify design needs.


7. Expect there to be revisions and extensions

It’s key to keep communication and goals transparent when working with freelancers. That said, it’s also important to maintain a level of flexibility.

As your business grows, unexpected revisions and extensions are par for the course. An expert freelancer will clearly communicate any unforeseen delays while working on your Shopify design. Even though you have previously agreed on completion dates, it’s important to keep in mind that glitches or setbacks can occur when setting up an online store.


Hiring freelancers to work for your company is ideal in today’s online culture to help your business thrive.

Freelancers are highly skilled in their specific niches, and outsourcing for Shopify design will benefit your business. One person cannot do it all, and when you free up your time to work on the core goals of your company, success will be imminent.

To find the perfect Shopify designer for your business, check out the FreeeUp skills list!

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