The keys to be an extraordinary supplier

Suppliers make one of the most important roles in the market. If they don’t have outstanding products, then every other participant will be lost.

Valuable suppliers are the key to have a lucrative e-commerce business, online store, but what are the factors for being an extraordinary supplier? By reading on you can get inspiration from our quick tips.

If you are a supplier, you can sell products to brick and mortar shops and to online stores too. You can provide a traditional wholesale business and newer forms of fulfillment methods as well. There are some differences between the maintenance of these. We are going to talk in detail only about the e-commerce method in the following.


Tips and tricks for determined suppliers

We will elaborate on things that are not commonly known, and we believe that can be useful for every supplier who wants to provide products to online retailers. We won’t talk about every detail on how to start running a supplier business and what steps you have to make in the whole process. Just sharing important, special ideas.

Data feed file

If you are a manufacturer or a supplier and you want to sell products online, you will need a data feed file. This is a document that you can send to the retailers so that they can upload and update your products into their store. It can be in any formats like CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON or TXT, for example. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that the file will be constantly updated. That it will contain every modification from the changes of the inventory quantity, through altered prices, to replaced imagery. You have to provide a link (for example a Google spreadsheet) and update constantly exactly that one.

If you update it, the customers and retailers won’t get messages like the certain product is not in stock, or the price was wrong.

It’s not the only way how you can give your products’ information to your clients as for the importing. You can use for example FTP, secured URL, URL, Dropbox URL, Google Drive URL, OneDrive URL, API, and SOAP too.

Click here to read more about how a data feed file should look like if you want to work with Syncee, what should the file contain. By the way, you can read more relating to our application hereinafter.

Drop shipping

Haven’t you heard about drop shipping yet? Well, this is a retail fulfillment method. The online retailer doesn’t need to stock an inventory in this way, they only have a virtual supply. If you want to be a drop shipper, you will truly need the mentioned data feed file and more. You have to decide how you want to send the ordered items. Here is the twist, because being a drop shipper means that you don’t ship the products to the retailer but you solve to deliver them directly to the customer who ordered your product.

There’s another, a newer version of drop shipping, called remote warehousing. It means that you, as a supplier ship packages to the retailers’ place but they still don’t need to stock an inventory, so they don’t need much place, their garage or living room can be enough and proper, especially in the beginning. You will have a virtual inventory, your supplier will send you a product data feed file, and in this way, your online store can be always up-to-date. You will only get those products from the supplier that people have already ordered. The best is if you start to cooperate with a local company.

If you provide this service, more online retailers will want to work with you, because this is a business model that lets people start an online business easily and with just a small capital investment. Do not listen to the rumors about drop shipping, those that are saying it is dead.

Click here to read more about drop shipping and remote warehousing.


Advise Syncee

Syncee was created to make online store owners’ life and work easier. It is a top-rated product managing Shopify application that does product import, update, upsert, and export. It only manages the products themselves, it doesn’t do anything with the orders. The service connects retailers and suppliers and makes them save time and money with the automatic, fast processes it provides.

Indeed, this application is good for online store owners, suppliers and those Shopify retailers who want to become suppliers. It connects wholesalers/ drop shippers and online store owners so that they both can get more sales.

All you would have to do is to advise Syncee for your potential partners, retailers. It would be beneficial for you and for them too because you show them an option that can help retailers to get rid of the money- and time-consuming process of manual product management. More people will want to get products from you if they know that they can do product managing automatically. They won’t back away from the cooperation or from getting an online business starting at all.

Click here to read more about why it is beneficial to use Syncee.

Be a partner of the Syncee Supplier Exchange

If you want to have more customers and more sales, you have to do marketing right and your service has to be a grapevine, you should be a company that gets round. There are many suppliers that don’t care about the online presence at all. They have weak websites, they don’t have social media sites and so on. That’s why we always tell retailers as an advice that not to judge by the cover. A supplier can have great and quality products regardless of whether they have a lowly developed website.

Besides advertising on social media and using, for example, Google or any similar promoting methods, you can be listed on supplier directories, be a member of these services. There is a wide selection you can choose from, but take care what service you are planning to participate in. There are some directories that require a monthly fee to pay from the supplier. You have to compare more options and choose the one that meets your needs and that offers the best assistance.

We would advise the Syncee Supplier Exchange that is beneficial to be a member of for the suppliers because they can get customers for free of charge. Maybe you are thinking about why is it good for Syncee that they provide this service for the suppliers for free. Well, the reason is that our team’s job is to do the product management, and we can only do this to our users, the online store owners if there are reliable suppliers whose product data we can work with. And for the retailers it’s good to use the SSE because they can be sure that the wholesaler, drop shipper they choose is trustworthy, moreover, they can get the products with just a few clicks into their Shopify store—and more.

We always promote who are the new members of the supplier directory. In this way, we reach and get you thousands of potential customers for free.

Click here to read more about the Syncee Supplier Exchange.

neat desk

Always offer the best for your customers

Always want the best for them, always offer the best you can. Retailers deserve to get a good service because they provide products to people who are about to trust it. There are many ways besides the facts and principles mentioned above that worth considering. Let’s see what are these, briefly, listed.

  • Quality products
  • Warranty
  • Try to cooperate with local retailers so that they can have a short delivery time
  • Good price margin recommendations
  • Excellent support
  • Great communication on the online platforms, keep customers informed
  • Be responsible and flexible
  • Take care of delivering undamaged products
  • Provide enough information about the products and where they come from
  • Offer good prices
  • Keep shipping costs down
  • Improve continuously
  • Treat each of your partners as if they are the only one

If you are a Shopify store owner and you are thinking about becoming a supplier, you are able to do it with the help of Syncee. We can export your products from your store into a file that retailers can use for the import later. If you want to be a member of the Syncee Supplier Exchange, we will do the export process for free of charge.

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