Why is it beneficial to use Syncee?

Syncee is a product management application for Shopify stores. If e-commerce business owners do everything right about this process, they can have more sales and get better results.

If we want to tell why Syncee is beneficial to use for Shopify store owners, it’s not enough to answer with just one sentence as we did that above. There’s a lot more advantage for entrepreneurs of having Syncee in their app list. Read more and find out why it would be the best choice for managing products for you too.

This application makes product upload faster and easier and our team offers the same quality of support to every user. Our mission is to make Shopify store owners’ lives easier and we are committed to making their business more successful. We have 16 years of experience in e-commerce and know the good and evil sides of the product sourcing process. Sit back, and learn more about what we’ve created.

Syncee - Shopify Application

Get more customers by doing product management in the right way

First, we will talk about why it is good to do this process well, then after this, we will show what Syncee’s features are and how those things can make your work and life easier. So let’s start.

How can you get more customers and have more sales by using Syncee? What about doing product management in the right way to your Shopify store?

  • Syncee can manipulate the data of your files so that you can get beautiful products in your Shopify store. There’s no other application that can do this. After this, you can update these products with our application.
  • You can forget about doing everything manually. You can use Syncee that will fully automate the product import and update processes. If you don’t do things manually, you can save time and money. You don’t have to sit in front of the computer all day and you also don’t have to hire many people to manage these things. So just say goodbye to the time-consuming process of manual product management.
  • Have more products in your store! Syncee can manage items without a quantitative limit, and as far as you don’t have to do import and update manually, you can feel free to have more products to sell.
  • And if you sell more products – or more kind of –, you can have more customers and purchases. But take care what kind of products they are!
  • You don’t have to worry about your products not being updated. With Syncee, you can schedule updates. With this, you won’t lose customers, fans, and purchases. This is one of the most important things. Keep your store up-to-date. If your store is not like that, customers can see messages like “not in stock” or you have to send them e-mail saying: “sorry, we were not up-to-date, we don’t have the product you wanted to buy in stock” or “our prices are not up-to-date, it doesn’t cost what you see on our site now”. If people have to hear things like these, they will turn away from you. In Syncee, an upsert function is also available which means new products will be imported and those ones that are already in your store will be updated.

You can read success stories from users of Syncee if you click here.

Now let’s jump into the details!

What can Syncee do and why are those good for you?

You can add products to your Shopify store from any suppliers easily with Syncee. You can find the application in the Finding and adding products category, Finding suppliers subcategory of Shopify’s App Store. The application does uploads, updates and is about to start to manage exports too. What we can say is Syncee = Product Management, you can create wonderful items with us by using any kind of data feed format, CSV, XML, XLS, JSON, TXT and so on. The following points are not in priority order.

Before and after - with Syncee


You can import your products to your Shopify store easily with Syncee. You can have a lot of advantages this way with the import. What do you have to and what can you do with Syncee? Synchronize your Shopify store to the supplier’s data feed file. You can insert and also update your products from your supplier’s data feed file and keep your store’s inventory up-to-date. You are also able to upsert products that mean new items will be imported and those products that you’ve already have in your online store will be updated. Map the product data with Shopify’s store fields, filter the products, add price margin and connect the items to your collections. Automate the task anytime you want. So these are mostly what Syncee does besides the import feature. About this topic, you will read more below in detail.

Our unique product import features in short: Automatic Currency ExchangeFilter products, Set price ranges


Soon you will be able to export your products from your store into a CSV file. It is also a good feature and it’s for those occasions when you want to send data to your supplier or a courier service, or if you want to move your online store. As well as Syncee is an all-in-one product sourcing application,  soon it will enable you to export products and orders as well, but at this moment it’s not available yet. You will also be able to export data to become a supplier. URL’s – that Syncee provides you – can be created automatically to CSV or you – as a user – can do that for FTP.

Pricing plans

Well, this point is not for what Syncee does but for why is it beneficial to use. With Syncee you can save money. You will pay much less than what you would pay for hired people for your business. This application is quite cheap, it has really good pricing. These are our pricing plans in a nutshell:

Nano – $19/month – Max 500 products
Micro – $29/month – Max 1,000 products
Mini – $39/month – Max 3,000 products
Basic – $69/month – Max 5,000 products
Business – $99/month – Max 10,000 products
Plus – $129/month – Max 20,000 products
Professional – $199/month – Max 30,000 products
Enterprise – $249/month – Max 50,000 products
Enterprise Plus – $499/month – Max 100,000 products

Forget about manual uploads

Most online store owners suffer from the same huge problem, the time-consuming product management which takes away most of their energy, money and time from their business and family. If you also experience the symptoms on yourself, you do not have to search for other solutions, because Syncee was designed just for you.

How to upload products with Syncee

Data feed formats

So Syncee can work with almost any kind of data feed formats. It is good to have an app that has this opportunity because you don’t have to worry that much about what your supplier can provide. There are a lot of wholesalers you can work with. Shopify’s bulk import only lets you use CSV but Syncee can synchronize all kind of data feed formats to CSV. What you can use with Syncee: CSV, XML, XLS(S), JSON, TXT. You can read more about it in our Help Center.

Data feed connections

Another beneficial part of using Syncee is that it doesn’t matter how your supplier stores your products’ data. You can use a lot of connection methods to the data feed. Manual file upload, FTP upload, SFTP, FTP with SSL, URL, secured URL, Dropbox URL upload, Google Docs, Google Drive URL, OneDrive URL upload. These are how you can import data feed files. If you have API or SOAP connection, contact our support staff.

Unlimited supplier data feed

Syncee enables you to use as many suppliers (and their data feed files) as you want, there’s no limit on the number of suppliers, while most Shopify applications do. You do not need to pay more for using different resources.

Number of products

There’s no suffering from manual uploading anymore.

Product number, not variant SKU

Syncee’s pricing is based on Product Number, not variant SKU. It’s beneficial to use an application that does the “business” this way. So it means, you don’t have that much expense. If you have, for example, a T-shirt in your Shopify store in five colors, you won’t pay for us for five products, you will pay for only one, variant doesn’t matter at this point. Furthermore, Syncee has full variant support.


Being up-to-date

Syncee does update at least once a day, you can do that scheduled. Our plans include manual and automated runnings of one task each day. Imagine not having a Shopify application that does this process for you. You would lose customers, money, as you can read it above.

Don’t worry about prices, currency

What about currency? Well, just sit back, Syncee can manage exchanges for you automatically. You can find price settings in the adequate field on Syncee’s Mapping platform. So just convert automatically your supplier’s currency to your store’s and manage your profit with this easily manageable wizard. Syncee can read your Shopify store’s default currency and can convert the wholesaler’s price to this currency. Add fixed or percentage-based margin to your products in bulk!

What else?

You can add price margin just as you want, set fix and percentage-based profit margins for collections or generally to all items in the feed. You can get more profit by adding extras to your products and collections.

About setting price ranges: if your products’ value varies from a couple of dollars till hundreds of dollars, you can create price ranges and add fixed and percentage-based margin for each of them.

Scheduling, automating the management

With Syncee you can schedule the running of your uploads and updates in any timezones, and you can receive reports about the results. It’s good because you don’t have to sit in front of the computer anytime you want something to happen with your online store. You not only can import products but keep the online store synchronized with the data feed file all times.

Field mapping

Well, it’s not enough if your supplier has, for example, an XML file if you want to run your online store. For the field mapping: You can ask for help from your wholesaler by the way. But Syncee is here to help with your Shopify store, you can do the mapping with it but the basics are needed. You can map for example product variants, but you need to know how your source file handles variants, it is different from file to file. Also, every data feed file needs to contain image URL’s that have to be public, and not protected by a password so that Syncee can reach that.

Syncee’s easy-to-use drop-down boxes on its transparent platform enable you to connect the product data to your online store’s product fields. A wide range of Shopify product fields are supported, like Title, SKU, Price, Barcode, Compare at price, Description, Images, Product type, Collections, Vendor, Variants etc. You can map your existing manual collections with our app to your supplier product categories.

To get to know everything about field mapping visit our Help Center, there are a lot of questions already answered that you can read. Field mapping can be easy, you won’t get frustrated. It can be a fun thing to do.

Field mapping

Filter your products

You are free to filter your products. If, for example, you don’t want to upload certain products to your online store from your data feed, you can filter them easily. Syncee also makes it possible not to publish products without images so it does some kind of filtering without you too.

Quality support

It’s of paramount importance that with Syncee you don’t have to worry about not getting enough help. Our support team is always ready and glad to answer all your questions and can solve problems together successfully. It’s our pleasure to help, but please note we are also humans. If sometimes we can’t reply immediately because we have a lot of other things to do, we are sorry, but we will answer your questions as soon as possible!

Free trial for 7-days

We provide a 7-days free trial for every registered user. When the trial ends, Syncee won’t make you subscribe automatically, everything is in your hand. We will contact you when the trial period ends because you no longer can import and export tasks in our system until you won’t subscribe to one of our plans on your own. Adding credit card is not required. You pay at Shopify, and not at us. As we help every user, we help those ones too that are using the free trial. That is really important to be helpful with the first steps, but please note one thing. In our Help Center you can read everything about the first and further steps, so before asking, please check that site! If you are satisfied with Syncee, just feel free to subscribe to one of our plans. So, it’s good that we provide trial version because you can check everything about the application, we give enough time for that.

Why use Syncee instead of Shopify’s bulk import?

There is a remarkable difference between these two. As you know, Shopify’s bulk import only accepts CSV, it cannot be scheduled, and cannot add price margin or convert the currency. Moreover, it cannot be used in case of a bigger amount of products. You can make the process of importing faster with Syncee. If you want to read more about what you can (and can’t) do with Shopify’s built-in import function, click here and learn more.

You can make your work fast

With Syncee you can have better results with your online store on one of the biggest e-commerce platform, Shopify. You can make everything easier for yourself, and for your business with Syncee. You don’t have to spend hours on updating and uploading product data to your online store. With this step, you can also save money that you would give to hired developers. You can automate the full process, and if you don’t understand something for some reason, Syncee’s support staff is always ready to help. You don’t have limits, you don’t have to select from your products and suppliers because you can “use” as many as you want. With Syncee you can make everything easier around your Shopify store. Upload, update, upsert with a few clicks in seconds instead of spending your whole day on the manual process.

If you are puzzled…

Syncee can help! Even if you don’t know what supplier to work with, or you need help with e-commerce in general, or something is not clear about product management. Check our sites, read our blog, ask for help from our support staff.


News in 2018 and what the beneficial points are

Syncee V3.3 has been released 01/01/2018 and has several new features, like:
As for the fancy things: we have a new design and brand new home page, new dashboard, more information added everywhere. Furthermore now Syncee has higher product managing speed for product import, the tasks run faster. Why are these things good and fit in this post “beneficial point of using Syncee”? Well, by these our platforms are more user-friendly, it’s easier to use, do and understand everything. Syncee is always about evolving.
As for product import Syncee also has new features:

  • Awesome new “Basic products filter”.
  • Added “Updating basic mapping settings” to the Field mapping step.
  • Added “Custom field(s)”, you can add all products a custom value.
  • Added “hide” product which is not in the source file when updating the products.
  • Added “hide” products which have 0 quantity in the file when updating the products.
  • Added more product number information to the summary page.
  • Variants update – Soon you can read a full article here about why variants update is good and why we’ve created this service in our system.

These points speak for themselves. We are always making everything easier for Syncee’s users.

So, add and manage products with Syncee! Product management has never been this easy.

If you want to learn more about Syncee you have many options to do so:

You can contact our support team in the bottom right corner of this site if you click on the little blue chat icon. Furthermore, you can hit us up at hello@syncee.io.

Get Syncee Now!

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